We Could Have Been Anywhere

My installation at The Vyne, National Trust, part of the project Unravelling The Vyne, of a tree within the tapestry room with the roots seeping and spilling into the room below, at first seem out of place and alien but equally at home and familiar.

The Vyne as the name suggests has associations with trees and vines and looking out at the surrounding landscape there are many trees surrounding the building. The history of the house spans over 500 years and the scale of the property has allowed me to associate a tree with the house, as though it could have transplanted itself within the room and grown quite naturally without effort.

The tapestry room was inspiration for both the placing and making of the tree. For me it evokes imagined lands with motifs of trees, birds and people and by siting the tree within the tapestry room and working with bound and stitched fabrics, the tree weaves it’s own magical spell and I hope becomes part of the room’s and house’s new history, if only for a short time.

The roots that spill out of the fireplace in the room below are made using satin fabric and are imbued with the red colour of the surrounding brocatelle wall hangings. The shocking red provides a hint of what might be elsewhere in the house.

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