Three Headed Monkey, acrylic and ink on canvas, 100 cm x 100 cm, 2020.

Disintegration I, II, III, acrylic and ink on linen, 70 cm x 100 cm, 2020.

Out of The Shadows, acrylic and ink on canvas, 70 cm x 70cm, 2020.


This new series of paintings was produced during lockdown. The works are inspired by our surroundings and the environment and having spent the past year developing a curatorial project working with the London Wetland Centre, which was postponed when London and the UK went into lockdown. My project has been centered on wetland sites.

I had time to pause, to reflect and start making my own personal response when systems and structures were and still are dissolving. The spaces and flattened areas are inspired by wetlands.

I am concerned with natural and wild spaces, the luscious and sensuous world, patterns and organic spheres. The paintings feature uncanny nature, three headed animals, earthly delights and are my attempt to be with nature. To breathe and be within, to fly high above and observe.

Maps and plans of wetlands have inspired the format as well as my own experience of walking in and around the wetlands centre which sometime left me with no clear view, and a feeling of no way out. They are sometimes claustrophobic, yet rich with colour and pattern saturation.

Bird Lands, 120 cm x 150 cm, acrylic and oil on stretched canvas, 2020.
Up Close, 120 cm x 150 cm, oil paint on stretched canvas, 2020.
Entangled, gouache and ink on stretched canvas, 100 cm x 100cm. 2020.
Collapse, acrylic and ink on stretched canvas, 100 cm x 100 cm, 2020.
Submerge, a triptych comprising three panels measuring 70cm x 100 cm each, total size 210cm x 70 cm, oil on linen, 2020.
Frenzy acrylic and oil on canvas, not stretched, 180 cm x 215 cm.
All Seeing, acrylic and oil paint on canvas, 2020.
Undulation, oil and acrylic paint on canvas, 100 cm 100 cm, 2020.
Swirl acrylic on canvas, 60 cm x 60 cm, 2020.

One thought on “Paintings

  1. Great work, I love the wildness of them and exuberant use of colour. Some of them remind me of the Victorian spirit paintings of Georgina Houghton, which in my mind is a very good thing.

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