Artist Jane Pitt  and I were commissioned by Francis Knight along with four other artists and lead artist & mentor Katayoun Dowlatshahi to respond to the riverside along Rochester and Chatham. We worked together for 6 months with the outcome of our research displayed along Rochester and Chatham riverside for a period of 3 months. There is a blog capturing our development of the project: https://insiteandsound.wordpress.com

We developed a large-scale floor painting with archival phonic words that resonated with the site;  across 500 metres of pathway by the riverside in Chatham and Rochester.

As part of the development of the work, we met with local residents along the riverside, former fisherman, families at the Guildhall museum and a local roller skate group to help shape our final work. The series of topographical drawings I developed for the project were inspired by the discarded oyster shells found scattered across the site, as well as the contoured outline of the area on maps. We discovered that oysters had recently begun re-seeding in the area and this felt like a fitting symbol for the forthcoming regeneration project.

In the opening celebration we invited people to bring their wheels to explore the floor-based drawing and archival words across the site. All ages young and old took part.

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