Harvest Wain Procession-Female Diamond Portraits

My project with Metal in Peterborough was based on the idea of the harvest, and was inspired by folklore and past rituals, our connections to the land and food production. It was part of  a larger project with Lucy & Jorge Orta and 9 other artists. My commission referenced Saint Peter’s cathedral ceiling and the diamond-shaped medieval bosses, which were used as inspiration to create portraits celebrating women and their role in Harvest production.

A series of processional cloths and capes were produced that highlighted and celebrated women and I used imagery featuring the diamond motifs as a collection of living sculptures, which were then paraded by local women during the Harvest Wain procession through central Peterborough. Symbolic imagery relating to the seasonal fruits, flowers and ‘God’s eyes’ (a pagan symbol of the elements and fertility) were embedded within each symbolic cape. These were produced in collaboration with local craft collective, Handmade in Peterborough, and the Women’s Institute.

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