Bird Children

I have been working on this project on and off over a couple of years. It’s an installation which is evolving and developing. Initially I was inspired by a spiritual figure at Exeter museum which depicted a form with two faces; one that could see into the future, the other the past. This connected to me and other sculptures and projects I was working on where there was a state of transition and a feeling of being ‘in-between’.

I began sewing feathers into my son’s clothing, I was interested in how quickly, through play and performance, he moved in to a future ‘self’. There’s a duality of the feathers and the static figures, which are about to move but not quite able to.


_BGM4918 - Version 2_BGM4920 - Version 2_BGM4933 - Version 28318B64C-022A-4C73-A8B0-0C6569E93D83

Photography credit: Bernard G Mills.

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